New Zealand

Summer 2011/12


New Zealand 2012

New Zealand 2012 - Left to right: "Sugar Loaf" along Coromandel Coastal Walk, Stewart Island Wetland, Beached Whale on Mason Bay, Historic Wool Shed near Mason Bay, Cabbage Tree on Banks Peninsula, Nikau Palm Sunset, Fisherman's Island in Abel Tasman, Shells. Read the report of my 6 week holiday.

Akaroa Harbor Kayak

Akaroa Harbor Kayak


Summit - 699m on the first day of the Banks Peninsula Walk.


Waterfall - One of many waterfalls along the creek on the walk to Flea Bay of the Banks Peninsula Track.

Flea Bay

Flea Bay - Banks Peninsula Track.

Coastal Walk

Coastal Walk - Banks Peninsula Track.

Seal Cove Shelter

Seal Cove Shelter - Banks Peninsula Track.

Cabbage Trees

Cabbage Trees - Stony Bay, Banks Peninsula Track.

Cottage & Toys

Cottage & Toys - Whimsical lodging at Stony Bay, Banks Peninsula Track. Various toys from pool table to volleyball net and rope swing and more.

Whimsical Shower

Whimsical Shower - Stony Bay, Banks Peninsula Track, not only has a shower build around a tree, but a cast iron bath tub with instructions: "Fill with water, then light wood under tub to heat."

Fallen Arch

Fallen Arch - Banks Peninsula Track. The sign reads: "The sea stack is the remnant of a sea arch which stood for thousands of years until collapsed by earthquake in Sept. 2010."

Mason Bay

Mason Bay - Stewart Island.

Tidal Zone

Tidal Zone - Mason Bay, Stewart Island.

Bad Tractor Day

Bad Tractor Day - Mason Bay, Stewart Island.


Shells - Mason Bay, Stewart Island.

Beached Whale

Beached Whale - In early 2011 a pod of about 100 whales beached themselves along Mason Bay, Stewart Island. All but about 14 survived.

Historic Wool Shed

Historic Wool Shed - Mason Bay, Stewart Island.


Wetland - Along the track near Fresh Water Landing to Mason Bay, Stewart Island.

Earland Falls

Earland Falls - Routeburn Track.

Fog Shrouded Hollyford Valley

Fog Shrouded Hollyford Valley - A view from the Routeburn Track.


Waterfall - Along the Routeburn Track.

Alpine Flower

Alpine Flower - Along the Routeburn Track.

Routeburn Valley

Routeburn Valley - View from the Routeburn Falls Hut.

Routeburn River

Routeburn River

Split Apple Rock

Split Apple Rock - Abel Tasman.

Torrant Bay

Torrant Bay - Abel Tasman.

Fisherman's Island

Fisherman's Island - Abel Tasman.

Nikau Palm Sunset

Nikau Palm Sunset - At Heaphy Hut near terminus of Heaphy River with the Tasman Sea, one of New Zealand's magical places.

Cozy Raft

Cozy Raft - Two hut wardens from the Heaphy Track and a boyfriend have a day of fun rafting from the Lewis Hut to the Heaphy Hut.


Mushrooms - Along the Heaphy Track.

Fern Tree

Fern Tree - Along the Tasman Sea on the Heaphy Track.

Sugar Loaf

Sugar Loaf - After the storm on the Coromandel Coastal Walk.

Sugar Loaf

Sugar Loaf - Coromandel Coastal Walk.

Poley Bay

Poley Bay - Coromandel Coastal Walk.