Czech Republic

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June 2015


Frantisek Moritz Nagl Farm Home

Frantisek Moritz Nagl Farm Home - Born May 28, 1889 to a Jewish family, he studied art in Prague and Vienna. After serving in WWI, injuring his shoulder, he took over his father's farm near Telč. There he married musician Vlasta Nettlovou. Much of this time he painted watercolor landscapes, and presumably stayed happy as a peasant farmer and painter. But as WWII approached, and being Jewish, he and his family were transported to the Terezín concentration camp, then later to Auschwitz where he and his family were murdered in 1944.

Much of his work might have been lost, but many were found in the bricked up attic of his farm home near Telč. Others were found hidden at Terezín along with the artworks of other Terezín concentration camp artists [for more about the artists of Terezín see Holocaust Awareness Museum]. While at Terezín, he painted watercolors documenting life at the concentration camp. More than 250 of his works of art survive. [Source Czech Wikipedia]