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June 2011


Ecuador 2011

Ecuador ~ June 2011 - I jumped at the chance to return to Ecuador when I learned renown photographer Tui De Roy would lead the Galapagos adventure, and this then gave me the opportunity to visit the Amazon Rain Forest. An 11 day Galapagos trip organized by Galapagos Travel and 5 days in the Rain Forest along the Rio Napo on Garzacocha Lake at La Selva Jungle Lodge made for stupendous bird, bird, bird, bird watching - and of course there were sea lions and iguanas, and even monkeys, snakes, piranhas, and arachnids, but the latter were in only in the jungle.

Galapagos Islands (gi) and Rain Forest (rf) from top left - (gi) Waved Albatross, (rf) Forked-tailed Woodnymph, (rf) Many-banded Aracari, (rf) Opal-crowned Tanager, (gi) Land Iguana, (rf) Paradise Tanager, (gi) Galapagos Mockingbird, (rf) Slender-footed Tyrannulet, and (gi) Red-footed Booby. You can also view my 2007 Galapagos Photos.