Colonoscopy, The Poem

Without difficulty I did comprehend
the need for a procedure of doctor's recommend.
So to prepare, I chose a good apple blend,
a concoction so bad it did utterly offend.
Then, down the hatch, bottomward descend
and wait for its purpose, oh my, to expend.
One drink, then two, I do portend,
and more and more to truly upend.
Finally, time is here, a ride, my true friend,
to the clinic, safely I surely depend.
At the front desk I give payment to spend,
everything except the good doctor's stipend.
Now questions, answers, appraisals all penned,
nurses spy everything but socks needing mend.
Wheeled to the room, hello Doctor Depend,
he'll do his spying, all from my backend.
Sedated then, now sans comprehend
and wondering what did indeed transcend.
Being still prone, not ready to ascend,
vapors expel with hopes not to offend.
And now to the car, with my companion commend,
and to home, just in time, enough, the end's end.