Standord Theater
Changing Light Bulbs

Downtown Palo Alto has a wonderful, fully restored, theater called the Stanford which shows old time double features. On a recent Sunday the first feature was The Mark of Zorro (1940), a quite enjoyable flick set in the early 1800s where the hero (Tyrone Power) played a roll of cat and mouse avenger similar to the modern movie Batman. Before the second feature started, I noticed a couple of ladies in the row in front gawking at the theater decor when one commented on the chandeliers 20 feet up. She said to her friend "I wonder how they change those light bulbs." With a straight face I interjected: "The Stanford periodically shows Spiderman and often at intermission he comes out on stage to demonstrate his abilities. Once I saw Spiderman change the light bulbs." One of the ladies stared at me in amazement and after a couple seconds her friend said "he's only kidding!"